Here to empower you

What if you could be

your true authentic self?

and proudly show

this to the world?


Simone gives guidance on a very natural way. She provides clear direction intuitively and she is inviting and takes you where you always wanted to go. She is worth your trust the full 100% when she takes you out your comfort zone into your next phase. She is warm, spontaneous and feels very accessible. Just herself. - Annelies Veerkamp -
- Annelies Veerkamp -
Love to share, how playful and aligned Simone tapped into my needs and desires. Doing this she gave me so much space to walk my own path. This was unbelievably valuable to me. It feels like I remember and experience my own ancient wisdom and could directly integrate this in my system, during the private one day retreat. From this place, re-connect with my true self, I trust myself that I can navigate through life. This is seriously gold.
- Sanna Gutjahr -
Simone lifts you up to a new dimension, every session is a new adventure full of magic! Love how intuitively she tapes into what I need whether it is to be challenged or to be taken into deep meditative relaxation, she knows the way!
- Marjolein Spuijbroek -
Simone has a beautiful and joyful energy and she transmits All Is Within's vision with a lot of passion and love. Her way of teaching is super practical and easy to follow, she's amazing at empowering people and showing how truly - All Is Within in a simple yet wonderful and profound way. I am super excited to continue unlocking and discovering more of myself through her courses and healing sessions. Highly recommended!!
- Andrea Demmer -



Hi there beautiful soul, 

Thank you for being here. I am Simone, Reiki Master, PE Teacher, Dive Master, Lover of Life, Explorer and Visionair. Here to serve human consciousness to evolve and inspire how to dance with life.

I love people and I love people even more when they see their own potential and step into their light. That’s where I love to hop in. To help you stay focused and still in the eye of the storm. Because when you decide to follow the calling of your soul, things will get windy for sure.

My mission is to guide brave souls how to ride the waves of the unknown. I believe it is totally possible to make fun while doing deep inner shadow work which will set you free from illusions.

Are you longing to...

Trust your
intuition fully?

Re-connect with the ancient
wisdom of your mind, body & soul?

Express your self more playful, authentic & freely?

See, feel & experience your true potential?

Surrender to
flow of life?

Become the hero of your own story?

Ready for some serious multi level upgrade?

Then take a deep breath my love. You found the right place.

I believe that everything you need to live a full & fulfilled life is already within you. 

Maybe somewhere along the way you got out of contact with your own inner compass. Maybe you started living according to other people’s rules and maybe you feel like you are not truly yourself or not living the life your heart desires? 

My expertise is to help heroes navigate through what’s holding them back so they can re-connect with their inner guidance and from here create a life in full surrender, trust and with a lot of playfulness!

Ready for a serious multi level life upgrade?