About Me

I am here to provide a safe haven
where you can reconnect with your blueprint which contains
your gifts and gold for the world.

I believe we are all gifted, we are all perfectly designed by the creator. Finding your gifts and start believing in yourself. Is not always easy. 

I’ve been a lonely wolf for many years on this path of awakening. And if i can give you one advice, ask support and be brave enough to receive support. It will make life so much easier. 

Let me tell a little bit about myself. It started somewhere in 2009 in a deep depression suddenly I woke up and started to see the beauty of being alive. Afcourse from that point I still had to work through a lot of limited beliefs/toxic patterns/karma and my strong ego. And still i am a non stop student of life. 

I’ve travelled a lot, worked many different jobs and started four years ago with ‘All is Within’ to support others in their journey of awakening. 

I also know that real change can be scary because it often means we have to let go of the familiarity of the old us and our old life. But the moment you decide to let go and take the leap there will be a whole new reality waiting for you. And believe me it’s gonna be epic! 

All is Within is created from the heart, to guide wandering souls back home

In 2014 I had my real deep spiritual awakening, burn-out, knee injury & almost dead experience. My protection mechanism were so highly active and I was sabotaging myself subconsciously. i needed a big kick in my ass to realize that how I was living my life, how I was treating myself was not sustainable. 

It was an unbelievable intense journey to come back to my center. To start listening to my soul, because I was so far away from my authentic self. My soul was screaming for liberation, to stop the rat race I believed society put me in. It was a long and lonely struggle until the moment I was ready for change and decided to ask for help. 

Many different teachers & healing methods came on my path. I dove deep into Reiki Healing, Mindfulness, Family Constellations, Voice Liberation, Access Consciousness, Wim Hof Method, Plant Medicines & Shamanisme. Slowly I started to remember all the ancient wisdom, which was always there hidden inside, but somehow I was forgotten. 

And now? I am living a beautiful free live, speaking my truth, listening to my body & believing in myself. 

If I can do it. So can you. 

The Vision

We are growing with our human consciousness towards the new earth, which can be paradise on earth for the first time since many many many years. 

It’s a very special time to be alive. And also a very challenging time to let go of the old and step into the new. 

Understanding the power of community, the power of working together to create a new better world.

The Magic

All is Within creates safe havens where you can meet like minded, where you can meet your mighty companions, your community. Together we create a loving space where transformation can take place.

So you don’t have to do all the inner and outer work alone. 

Like Nick Mulvey sang in one of his songs 

“The lonely wolf time is over.”

How would it be to drop into your own body and explore the answers within?

We are the sun
Radiating bright and strong
Trust the process
For the highest good
Source will guide you
And help you come home

What will you receive working with All is Within?