About Simone

I am here to provide a safe haven
where you can re-connect with your inner guidance and from here reveal your
gifts and gold to the world.

Thank you for being here. I am Simone, Reiki Master, former PE Teacher & Dive Master. Now Lover of Life, Explorer and Visionair. Here to serve human consciousness to evolve and dance with life. 

With my 9 years of experience as a former physical education teacher, I understand how the physical body works and how to empower others in their process. In combination with my Reiki Master, trained by the traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho I learned how our energy works and how to bring mind, body & soul into balance. With over 7 years of experience on the spiritual & personal development path, I know how awakening and transformation work and which steps to take when you decide to become the hero of your own story.

Personally I’ve walked a long way to get here. From people pleaser, being ungrounded, burned out, very critical towards myself and trying to be invisible, I’ve grown into this strong woman who knows why she is here. Today I let my intuition guide me every step of the way.

I know and trust that life is always working for us not against us. I also know that real change can be scary because it often means we have to let go of the familiarity of the old us and our old life. But the moment you decide to let go and take the leap I promise I’ll be there to jump into the new with you

All is Within is created from the heart, to guide wandering souls back home

In 2014 I had my real deep spiritual awakening, my body stopped me from running away from my soul purpose. Through a soccer accident, I couldn’t walk for 3 months. Because of that, I was forced to stop working as a PE teacher and bartender, stop distracting myself in exercising excessively, partying, or taking care of everybody else’s needs. I had to take care of myself first.

It was an unbelievable intense journey to come back to my own center. With a lot of physical, emotional and mental struggle. It felt like the darkest night of my soul, because I was so far away from my authentic self. My soul was screaming for liberation, to stop the rat race I placed myself into and break free from the rat cage I believed society put me in. It was a long and lonely struggle until the moment I was ready for change and decided to ask for help. 

Many different teachers & healing methods came on my path. I dove deep into Reiki Energy Healing, Mindfulness, Family Constellations, Mind Training, Access Consciousness, Wim Hof Method & Plant Medicines. Slowly I started to remember all the ancient wisdom, which was always there hidden in me, but I suppressed for such a long time.  

And now? I am living this amazing life full of bliss and magic because I never know how life will unfold and what life will bring me. And I am totally okay with that, actually I love it! Asking my higher self everyday again, how can I serve and enjoy life to the most? Live my soul purpose, attract the right people in life? Live freely and from abundance?  

That’s why I choose to follow my heart instead of the crazy monkey mind, every time again. Along the way I let go of jobs, relationships or patterns which are not serving me anymore. Listen to my inner guidance, which told me to shave my head and dive deep into the unknown with creating ‘All is Within’! 

Let’s connect, rebirth, empower and shine bright!

The Vision

I believe that everything we need in life is already inside us. That we are born with a unique blueprint that includes all your natural skills, talents and gifts to the world. In my journey I discovered that we are deeply connected to this beautiful ancient wisdom, we only have to remember where we came from. By slowing down and coming home to yourself, alignment can take place. From doing to being. So life can move through us instead of trying to force it.

The Magic

I feel like true magic happens every time I am working with a brave soul who wants to be the hero of his/her own story. I love it, every single time and I am very grateful when someone trusts me and lets me come close by while making this walk together. We will explore your energy field and connect with a higher wisdom which will guide us through each session. We use the field of the present moment what wants to be revealed each time. 

How would it be to drop into your own body and explore the answers within?

We are the sun
Radiating bright and strong
Trust the process
For the highest good
Source will guide you
And help you come home

Hee Hoo - Let's GO!