for couples on Ibiza



Love Ceremony

Imagine a day specially designed for you and your loved one. To anchor, celebrate & purify your love together on the most magical island.

A day filled with a beautiful ceremony, powerful rituals with live music somewhere in the most romantic places on the island. Perfect for deepening your connection. 

Next to the enjoyment it’s about having a sacred marriage within yourself, feeling complete, experiencing ‘All is Within’ and from here open up to your partner and commit to sharing your love and beauty through the good and the bad. 

With this vow you create a strong foundation for sacred relating, which gives you everything you need to thrive and support each other in becoming the best version of yourself.  

Interested to hear more? PM +316-51011454 

One one One Retreat

A transformative 3 day journey on Ibiza, guided by Simone. You will feel like a complete & brand new person after this journey. Understanding that ‘All is Within’.

I will take you on an adventure while we explore the island, we also explore your inner world. What is there that is holding you back to step into your full potential and what is that what your heart is really craving to create? 

Stepping out of the comfort zone and using magical tools like family constellations, rituals/ceremonies, coaching, Reiki healing, voice liberation & creative sessions. This is where the magic happens

You will make a quantum leap and see that a whole new reality will open in front of your eyes.

How? I would love to explain in a free exploration call to see if this is something for you. PM +316-51011454 to book your call.

*Everything if you wish can be included: stay, food / drinks, transport.


In August we organise a life changing co-living experience.

Pure Paradise will be shown in front of your eyes. We promise. 

You are welcome to come as you are, and join us for a whole month of living together as one family. Which will recharge, fill up your cup and bring you all the magic your heart is longing for. After this month you are ready for the next step in your life.

This is specially designed for (digital) nomads, artist or adventurers who love to work and enjoy a magical place like Ibiza. 

There will be community dinners, master minds, open stages, fiesta’s, enough time to work, socialize, enjoy nature, free flow and connect with the group. 

You will have your own room and we will stay in amazing place with 40.000 hectares around us in the North/West of the island, close to Aquas Blancas and Santa Eularia. Beautiful beach and town to enjoy and explore within 10 minute drive. 

Reach out for a free exploration call to see if this is a match for you. PM +316-51011454 to book your call.