4 months of guidance

This is perfect for you when you desire a massive rebirth from tip to toe. When your soul is longing to rise up, thrive & inspire others. To contribute your unique gift to the world. Ready to become that independent strong tree and blossom authentically?

session | training

Reiki is a Japanese alternative healing method to upgrade the self healing skill of your system to improve your mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health. 


The Best Gift To Yourself

Imagine yourself. Waking up in the morning with fresh excitement for a new day to emerge. Having clarity in what you desire and which next step to take in each moment. Embracing your flaws, being centered and finding comfort in discomfort.

Sounds delicious right? You are the true creator of your own story my dear. When you are ready to manifest the life that your heart is longing for, you are in the right place. This is for you when you are ready to take the leap, dive deep, root down in order to rise up! 

Let’s dance through live with ease, joy & glory!  

I will be your friendly mirror, guiding you along the way, hold space for your process and help you navigate through the dark.

Every session we use the higher wisdom of the field of the present moment. You can expect coaching, energy healing, channeling, powerful rituals, systemic work and more magic to work through blockages that are holding you back to live your soul’s purpose.

All sessions are online or in Amsterdam North.

Life is one big dance.
The only thing we have to do is finding our own rhythm and keep on dancing!

Wind; Session

Receive a powerful uplifting fresh wind through your system. Journey from the crazy monkey mind to reconnect with the ancient wisdom of your body and soul. Get new insights for your journey.


*  Intake (check-in: themes, blockages, needs & desire) 
* Energy reading, removing blockages, channeling & align mind, body & soul.
* A Session takes 120 minutes and will take place online or in Amsterdam North

Investment in yourself: 222 euro (incl. btw)

Fire / package

Hee Hoo – Let’s GO! Let’s stir some things up and shake them loose, after this month you know where to go and how to center yourself.


* 4 Coaching Sessions (Once per week, 90 minutes per session) 

* 1 Energy Healing Session (Energy Reading, Reiki, Chakras Balancing & Cleansing of the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual body)
* Practical Tools & Weekly Assignments

* During the 1 month of coaching available for questions for your process

Investment in yourself: Book your discovery call and let’s make it work when you feel the inner calling!

Water; Package

This is for you when you like to have more time to integrate what has been touched and shifted in the sessions. This will give you more strength to break through a pattern that is holding you back and transform your lifestyle. 


* Kick off with Breath Work Session

*  6 Coaching Sessions (Once every two weeks, 60 minutes per session)
* During the 3 months of coaching available for questions for your process

Bonus: 2 sessions/activities you can choose – let’s explore together what is needed for your unique process to shine! 

Investment in yourself:  Book your discovery call and let’s make it work when you feel the inner calling!


Real deep healing takes time and doesn’t happen in a day. With this package, we will make sure your change will be solid and rooted. Owning your talents & gifts to the world. We will work intensely on the different area’s of your life; work, business, finance, money, relationships, health, body mind & soul. 


*  1st Session: Kick Off Mentorship – Opening of the Gate of Endless Possibilities 

* 6 sessions (Once every 2 weeks of 75 minutes) 
* Practical Tools, Assignments & Guidance
* During the 4 months of mentorship available for burning questions for your process

* 8th Session: Closing Ceremony: Celebration of all your steps & our journey together!

Investment in yourself:  Book your discovery call and let’s make it work when you feel the inner calling!