What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese alternative healing method to upgrade the self healing skill of your system to improve your mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health. For me personally, Reiki is one of the most powerful self love & self care tools out there. I love teaching it and the beauty of this technique is, that you only need your hands and your own loving attention to get great healing results. Ready to become your own healer?

Reiki Training

Instead of trying to remove or fight symptoms of “dis-ease”, Reiki goes directly to the root of a physical, emotional or mental problem. So the blockages can be removed and you free yourself of the charge.

All is Within is hosting an intimate private Reiki Training. A safe haven where you will enjoy a whole day charging, meeting like-minded souls, experiencing the power of the attunement, practice how to use Reiki and learn more about the theory. 

It will give you more insight into your own energy system and it is a beautiful beginning to work with energy healing. Reiki is easy to use and you will always feel better after it. Reiki teaches how to help others with safe boundaries so you will not give away your own energy or absorb the energy of others.  

Reiki Healing Sessions

Tired? Out of balance? Physical pain or dis-ease? Treat yourself with a powerful Reiki Healing Session. Together we explore what your mind, body & soul needs the most in the present moment. From here we set intentions so you can relax and receive what is the highest good for you. The healing will be channeled and support you in what you need the most. I will combine the Reiki healing with my shamanic teachings I received from my Shaman. The session brings insight what is holding you back or where you have blocked energies, trauma’s or limited beliefs/patterns. One session can already bring a lot of  healing and deep trauma release. After the session I will share what I experienced and some guidelines for your integration. 

You can receive the treatment in ‘Sacred Space’ in Amsterdam, Ibiza or by zoom from your own sacred space.

Sliding scales healing session: 111 – 222 euro, when you don’t have the financial resources but really need support you can also reach out. 

Whatsapp me to check availability 

Reiki 1

Do you want to learn how to work with energy and know-how to stay high in your energy? Reiki can give you an energy boost, reduce stress, anxiety and a lot more!

Includes: Basics of Reiki

*  Practising how to give yourself a treatment, your friends, colleagues, family & pets.
* Learning more about chakras, Reiki’s history and writing your own prayer to guide you along your journey
* Receiving the Reiki I attunement, so you can easily tap into this healing energy for a lifetime!
* Coming together with like-minded souls & discovering your own healing capacities.
* 21-Day of Reiki Practise on yourself. Which will give your whole system an upgrade and cleansing!

Investment in yourself: 222 euro 

Saturday 29th of April (still 2 spots left!)

From 10 am – 6 pm, vegan lunch included 

Location: In Sacred Space – Plantage Middenlaan 20A in Amsterdam 

Reiki II

Do you want to learn how to give a distance healing? Discover how to use Reiki for healing the past & manifesting your heart desires for the highest good? This is for you when you completed Reiki I and we both feel you are ready for the next step.

Includes: Deepening of Reiki 

* Learning how to give someone a distance healing & sending Reiki to the past and the future
* Learning the powerful Reiki symbols
* Receive the initiation of Reiki II
* 21-Day Reiki Practice on yourself with aftercare. After integrating this step, you are allowed to give Reiki treatments in your own Reiki Practice.

Investment in yourself: 333 euro, when you don’t have the financial resources and would like to join please reach out.

Sunday 30th of April (2 spots left)

From 10 am – 6 pm, vegan lunch included 

Location: In Sacred Space – Plantage Middenlaan 20A in Amsterdam

Reiki Master

Do you feel the calling to teach others this amazing self-love healing tool? Let’s explore together if you are ready to become a Reiki master!

*  First you will start your own journey through all the Chakras to really dive deep into your own personal development. 
* Every month we will come together and a focus on one of the Chakras is in the heart of your process.

* You will start practicing with a trial client, to explore your healing techniques as Reiki Practitioner.

* You will learn all the Reiki Master symbols, design your own Reiki Training and you will build your own Reiki Practise Business.

* Bonus Check in Call: Every month you have the opportunity to check in one on one and evaluate your process. 

* There is an open channel between us for all your burning questions in your process. 

Two sessions every month online or Amsterdam

90 minutes per session